Choosing A Suitable New Van To Lease For Your Business

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When your business uses vans, and you need to replace your current fleet and have decided to lease them, you must select the vehicles you use carefully. Doing so can help ensure you get the most suitable vehicle for your business that portrays an excellent first impression and has everything you need to be comfortable. There are various factors you must consider when selecting a suitable vehicle to lease, and you can see some of these below to help you get started searching for the ideal ones for your business.

How Much Space Do Your Require?

The ideal vehicle size will depend on how you use it and if you will carry loads of things in the back. When you require something large and can transport loads of weight, the Ford Transit Custom is an excellent choice you can consider and should be suitable when you need lots of space. However, you do not want to get a larger van with more space than needed, as this will cost you more to run, so it may not be economical for your business.

Select A Fuel-Efficient Van

You will also need to ensure that the van you decide to lease is fuel-efficient and will not cost too much money to run. You will get more miles if you get a diesel vehicle, but fuel is more expensive, and the emissions are higher, which can also cost you financially. An excellent alternative is considering getting a hybrid or fully electric vehicle, which can be cheaper to run. There are also government incentives for businesses to swap to renewable energy vehicles, which may be an excellent excuse for your business to change to vehicles using renewable energy.

Determine Your Annual Mileage

You will also need to consider how many miles you expect your company vehicles to do each year, as you will need to declare this when leasing them. The monthly cost you pay for the lease of the vehicles is determined based on the projected mileage, and if you exceed this, you will need to pay a charge for every mile you go over this amount. It can prove costly if you exceed your declared mileage excessively, and it is something you will want to avoid if possible.

Where To Lease Your Vehicle From?

You will also need to consider which company you will use to lease your vehicles from, and many companies are offering this service. You will need to decide the type and size of vehicle you want and then search for the best leasing deals. On the surface of it, many of the deals look similar, but you must ensure you read the small print of the agreements and compare these to find the best deal. The excess mileage fee is a vital factor to look at, as these can vary quite drastically between companies.

These are a few factors to consider when looking to update your fleet of company vehicles, but there are more you must think about before leasing vehicles. Take your time choosing the vehicle size and type, and ensure it is a reliable model. It is also worth taking out the additional maintenance cover to ensure you do not have to pay expensive repair and maintenance fees.

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