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Dealing With Industrial Clogs

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There are many reasons why your drains can clog or why the water begins to run through them slowly. Even if you are careful about what you are putting down the drain, there is still a chance that buildup can cause a clog that could potentially lead to plumbing issues. You need to use an industrial drain unblocker regularly to prevent this and keep all your drains working properly. It is a great preventative step to take.

Tough Clogs

If you have tried using a drain snake with no luck, you likely need to purchase some fluid that you can flush down the drain to clear it out. This is a step you can take before you call a plumber because it is something you can do on your own. There are many companies that sell this product, and it usually works on the very first try. It is a convenient method to choose if you do not want to pay for a plumber to come out and take a look.

Types of Unblocker

There are a few types of unblockers you can use in your drains. These are all safe for industrial sinks and will work well depending on the type of clog you are dealing with. The first type is similar to a gel consistency, and it clings to the drain as you flush it down. This kind will clear out any debris that has gathered, powering through the clog. You can also use an unblocker that comes in granules. This kind is great on tough grease and fat that can gather in the drain if you are working with food products.

Another type of unblocker is one that contains enzymes. The enzymes are non-toxic and will actually begin to liquefy solid substances that can cause blockages in the drain. When the buildup becomes a liquid form, it is a lot easier to flush it through the drain with hot water and continue using the sink normally. Another great use for an unblocker with enzymes is that it works as an odour eliminator. If there are any unpleasant smells coming from the drain, they will be neutralised by the formula.

Your drain is going to be in the very best condition when you take the time to use an industrial unblocker. This will power through any clogs and other residue that can eventually lead to clogs.

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